Public Sector Unions are an inherent conflict of interest

     With what is taking place in the state of Wisconsin, taxpayers are beginning to take notice of the incredible conflict of interest that are public employee unions.  Many states throughout our nation are facing current budget crises as well as huge future obligations that they simply can not meet without addressing the problem of public employee unions.  I think we can all agree that one of our primary obligations as a nation is the education of our children and future generations and I am certainly not here to attack teachers.  That said, I will be the first to say that I am vehemently opposed to teachers, and any government employees for that matter, unionizing.

     When you are forced by law to fund something, as we are with the public school system, it is absolutely absurd to have “closed shop” union practices taking place.  How can anyone justify the idea that a teacher, in order to follow their dream of educating future generations, must join and pay dues to a union that they may or may not agree with?  That to me doesn’t sound like any type of freedom at all.

     I have no problem with unions in the private sector, because the market will determine for a private business if the union proves to be to the detriment of the business or not.  In the free market system, if union demands become to cumbersome for a business and that business can no longer afford to provide their product or service at a cost that the market will bear, well, the business simply goes out of business or goes bankrupt and must re-structure.  Government, which we are forced by law to fund, on the other hand is a completely different story.  Government is really just a legalized monopoly that we have no choice but to participate in funding.  We can not just say, “I don’t agree with the price or practice so I will take my business elsewhere”.  When a union is introduced into this equation, we now have a serious conflict of interest!

     If we introduced free market principles into our school system, removed big government “one size fits all” control & truly returned power to the parents and local taxpayers, I believe our successful teachers would end up being much better compensated, teachers who don’t pull their weight would be weeded out, our future generations would receive a much better education, and local and state budgets would not be so overwhelmed by unfunded future liabilities!!

     Let me know what you think…

Wisconsin: An Education in Special Interest Power | The Foundry: Conservative Policy News..

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I am Wilk Wilkinson, husband, father, Christian conservative, and host of the Derate The Hate podcast. I’m a man who’s made more than my share of mistakes over the course of my life, but most importantly, I've owned up to them and I’ve learned from them. I grew up poor, mostly in rural towns around the upper Midwest. I've been working from the age of 10 years old so that I might have the things my parents could not or for good reason, would not provide for me. For all their faults, my parents provided what was needed, of which were love and good values. We cannot control everything that happens to us in life, or the world in which we live, but we have the absolute responsibility as individuals to control how we will react to it. Civility does not require that we force our opinions on others, demand like mindedness, or hate those with whom we disagree, but simply to see the humanity in all people despite our differences, whatever those differences may be. Don't forget to hit Subscribe

One thought on “Public Sector Unions are an inherent conflict of interest

  1. Thanks so much, Wilks, for sharing your Wise insights! Received a link from David and I am so glad he provided an easy way for me to find you.

    When it comes to subjects on which I am not that well informed, I’m always thankful for those who have the skill to share perspectives in a straight-forward and simple manner. (Just the opposite of my style of writing ☺️)

    I found this very simply stated and informative. Thanks for sharing your talent!

    I’ll also be checking out your Podcast “DeRate The Hate”!

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