A shining example of the Lunacy on the Left: A must see Video!!

For the last 106 years, since the introduction of the Intercollegiate Socialist Society into our colleges, universities and government in 1905, our liberty, individualism, free markets and freedom in general have been under a gradual but constant assault. Many people have taken little notice to this assault until President Obama took office like a bull in a China shop with his socialist agenda.
If you don’t believe that the public sector union protests that are taking place in Wisconsin and other places around our great nation are an assault on individual liberty and freedom, you really have another thing coming. If you don’t believe me, watch this account from one young member of the International Socialist Organization, Rob Lewis & others that are protesting the budget balancing measures that Republicans like Gov. Scott Walker are trying to take to close their 2 year budget deficit of nearly 3.6 billion dollars in their state.
These are the people of the next generation & these “entitlement” types are a great threat to our great nation!! PLEASE WATCH THIS VIDEO!!!!

If you are not seeing this MUST SEE VIDEO, CLICK HERE!!

2 thoughts on “A shining example of the Lunacy on the Left: A must see Video!!

  1. Dude, that’s b.s. I take pride in the work I do. I don’t go into a workplace and get this idiotic idea in my head that my employers are my masters. Give me a break. That guy needs to stop deluding himself and start being an excellent worker rather than trying to incite an uprising at his job. The owner of the establishment you work at is in charge because IT’S HIS PLACE!!!! If you want to be in charge of a restaurant so badly, then open your own. Good grief. Doing an excellent job and respecting your bosses’ wishes for how he wants his restaurant run is the right thing to do. By respecting others we show respect for ourselves.

    1. You are exactly right Aaron, well said. This kid is a delusional nut-job that probably did too much acid made in dorm toilets. Unfortunately, he & people of his mindset, like the other delusionites in the video are hijacking the (libleral) movement as one might call it. I see more and more people these days, & some very large personalities, coming out in favor of socialism with no fear of any type of retribution or criticism. The more reading that I do and looking into history of our country and its founding principles, the more I see the gradual stronghold that socialism has been taking over our great Republic. Ronald Reagan warned of it back as early as the 60’s, and other people have been shouting about it here and there, but few have had the political fortitude to do anything about it. Under Barak Obama, we are seeing the largest socialist power-grab since LBJ’s great society & FDR’s new deal, and people are starting to take notice. When things start, like in Wisconsin, the radicals come out of the woodwork and hijack the movement thinking “our time has come for revolution”. I have even heard such things from “people” we went to school with. Everyone needs to educate themselves about the dangers of socialism, and look at the last 100 years of this country’s history and you will begin to see exactly why we are in the mess we are in today…

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