Jesse Jackson Jr., As Crazy & out of touch with reality as his ol’ man…

     Like many people from my generation, we have grown up with wonderful memories of the many crazy soundbites from the “hard to take seriously” Reverend Jesse Jackson.  This goofball has never seen a microphone he didn’t like or a situation he wasn’t tripping over himself to interject his agenda.  But, did you know that his son is now a state representative in the liberally run state of Illinois?

     As our country is faced with one of the longest periods of near double-digit unemployment in American history, record numbers of people below “poverty level”, record numbers of people on food stamps and  welfare, what are we to do?  Well, if you were to ask Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr., he would simply tell you that giving everybody everything per the constitution is the answer.  Like any good socialist, Mr. Jackson is completely out of touch with reality.  Apparently, this clown does not get that if you simply give everything to everybody, nobody will work for anything and all society collapses.  I truly do not understand how people can be so ignorant as to elect people like this, but we have been gradually seeing it more and more in this country.

     I would like to write more, but I have to run for now.  Please take the time to watch this socialist rant by Jesse Jackson Jr. and let me know how you feel about it.

If not seeing video, click:Socialist rant by Jesse Jackson Jr.

One thought on “Jesse Jackson Jr., As Crazy & out of touch with reality as his ol’ man…

  1. I can’t look at Rev. Jesse – or Obama. I see pure evil when I do, and it makes me sick how so many humans think either of these people are worthy of praise. Some day, please write a piece about the difference between Blacks and African Americans in America, and why blacks can have their own TV network, magazines, products, and NAACP, but nobody else is allowed to. If this is not racist, what is?

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