My Four Things

I follow so many things, read many books and articles and read things from so many people, and I often wonder what it is that is really important to people, what makes them tick. I guess this is why one of my favorite hobbies is people watching. I personally have to admit that I find myself at one of the lower periods in my life, and tonight, I was wondering, what are my things, what makes me tick???

I came up with four things that I think could truly summarize what is most important to me and what really makes me tick… When I think of myself, what makes me the man I am and the four things, none really being of more or less importance than the other, I think of My Sanity, My Family, My Freedom and My God… Now, that being said, there have been periods in my life that I have lost sight of or focus on one or more of these four, but ultimately, really breaking me down to me, makes these MY Four Things…

Early in my adult life, I was having serious problems with a woman who I dearly loved, and that relationship was coming to an abrupt and messy end for various reasons. Both of us had done things that proved we shouldn’t be together, and we had tried time and time again to make something work that was never going to. Day and night, I beat myself senseless over this relationship and what could have been done differently and was on the edge of losing my mind. I remember vividly having a conversation with my Dad one night as I was driving around trying to figure things out, and I asked him a question, “Dad, is there anything that you hold sacred?”… His answer to me, “My Sanity”… That brought me to a moment of clarity, and it was at that point that I knew that continuing that relationship was not only destroying my peace but hers as well, and with that it was done. This is a lesson that I have very regrettably fallen victim to since, but never will again…

People say you can pick your nose, you can pick your clothes, you can pick friends, but you can’t pick your family… I have spent a lifetime loving, hating, fighting for, fighting against, bickering and even regrettably ignoring my family. I have been a lot of places, done a lot of things, known a lot of people, and have had many friends that have come and gone, and the most important thing that I have learned about people in this world is… No matter how close you feel someone is, you just never know who may be waiting to stab you in the back… You really have nothing without your family. I have, as said before, regrettably strayed away from my family for several years because of what was and what I thought should be. As I became older and more wise, I realize now that was a grave mistake. My family is not perfect, nor am I, but we have each other, and even if that is all we have, we will make it work, because that is what families do…

Freedom may be defined by different people in different ways, but I can definitively tell you what it means to me… Freedom means that I work for what I get and I do not take what I have not earned. I do not believe that others’ success has caused my failures, but only that my lack of success is due to that fact that I have failed for now. Freedom to me means that I will not allow an overbearing government to entice me into a life of perpetual government dependence with food stamps, welfare, and a continuing list of “entitlement benefits” that others pay for. Freedom comes at a price, and that price is the fact that some people win, some people lose, and others get by, but everyone has a chance. I don’t mind losing if I know that I had a chance, it makes winning that much more appreciable. Freedom is far more than what I plan to get into now, but please stay tuned for future posts on Freedom.

And last but certainly not least, MY God. All things are possible through God and the sacrifice of his son Jesus Christ. I am a sinner, no if ands or buts about it, and I will never pretend that I am not. I will also never pretend that I am or ever will be the greatest Christian, but that is between God and me. I am not going to preach or even begin to try to explain my relationship with God here, as many days I don’t even understand it, but I will say this…. Looking back on my life, I know there is a God, I don’t pretend to know or understand what his plan is for me, but only time will tell…

So, who am I and what makes me tick… These are My Four Things…

One thought on “My Four Things

  1. Excellent post, Adam. I think it’s very important to evaluate what really matters in life. I’d never given much thought to including my sanity amongst them (possibly because I have four kids and little sanity left? LOL.)

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