Surrender your Liberty, because well, it’s for your own good??


Unless you just came out of a coma in the last couple days, you’ve probably noticed our country is facing something unlike anything it’s ever faced before.  You might think I’m talking about the Covid-19 Coronavirus, and yes, that is partially what I’m writing about today, but what is truly unprecedented is the action taken by our government in this extraordinary time of crisis.  This is truly unlike anything that has taken place since the founding of our country and more specifically since our constitution was written.  We now find ourselves at what I believe may be a turning point, and one that is most likely not for the good, no matter how good the intentions behind what is currently taking place in our country.

A phrase that most people have heard a time or plenty, and a principle that I can vouch for personally through several personal life experiences, is “the road to hell is paved with good intentions”.  This is the primary reason that I subscribe to the political philosophy that I do, and also live by the motto, “I make decisions based on logic and common sense vs. feelings and emotions”.  Peoples’ emotions, rather than logic and proven results for certain actions, often drive their decision making process and as such, with the purest of intentions, bad and often harmful results are the product of said actions.  I believe we are now faced, as a country, with the most crucial and critical of circumstances, and I’m afraid that what is happening may result in a precedent that will forever be to our detriment, though at this very moment it seems like it is the right thing to do, because it “feels” right.

What am I talking about you might ask?  Well, setting aside what I already stated individuals should have done preceding this global crisis, (see Government is Not Your Daddy) , we are now faced with a situation where our individual liberties, that are supposed to be protected by the constitution, are being “temporarily” suspended by the government that is supposed to uphold that constitution.  Thankfully, up to this point, our President has not federalized a stay in place order, or overstepped the bounds of the federal government, but has backed up the state governments in their requests in every way possible.  This concept of federalism is lost on far too many these days, but is exactly the way it’s supposed to be by design.  Ironically, many of this president’s biggest critics, who are constantly making baseless claims that this president is a fascist dictator like figure, are the same ones calling for the president to use the force and power of the federal government in a way that it was never intended, to dictate the actions of, and restrict the liberties of the individual.  We are not a country, and were never designed nor intended to have an all-powerful, top down federal government.

With that said, mark my words when I say, the unprecedented actions of our state governments in this extraordinary time of crisis, or God forbid if the federal government steps in and begins to do the same, may be a means to an end for this temporary nightmare we are all living in at this moment in time, but may unleash a monster the likes of which liberty loving individuals will pray they never met.

My whole adult life I’ve watched as power hungry politicians describe this event, or that crisis, or some made up boogey man as an “existential threat”.  This type of hyperbole is primarily one sided, but not completely exclusive to one party.  Examples of “existential threats” include, but are not by a long-shot limited to, ozone layer depletion, our dependence on fossil fuels, our dependence on foreign oil, our dependence on coal, greenhouse gas emissions, global cooling, global warming, Donald Trump, capitalism, socialism, etc., etc…  The list goes on and on, and politicians love to keep people in fear because it keeps them in power.  Rahm Emanuel once said “never let a good crisis go to waste”, and a sitting Democrat US Senator recently said something to the effect of “the covid-19 crisis is an opportunity for us to push things in the direction we want to govern” when discussing one of the covid-19 relief bills.  Very little, in fact almost nothing, scares me, but to quote Ronald Reagan, one of the scariest phrases any freedom loving American will ever here is, “I’m from the government and I’m here to help.”

I can wrap up all I’ve said in this writing by making this point.  Today, over 200 million Americans are under mandatory stay-at-home orders to be enforced by some local or state government body, for your, mine and our own good.  Today it is a virus, and the merits of such an order can be debated until the cows come home, but if you believe that this is the last time our liberties as individuals will be inhibited in this way, for our own good, or the good of the collective, I’ve got some oceanfront property to sell you in southern Minnesota.  We just have to wait to go see it until the governor says it’s OK…


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