Close is Best, Just Keep Your Distance

Welcome back my friends and thank you for taking the time to read this edition of Wilksopinion! You might be asking yourself, what the hell is this title that contradicts itself? Soon, you will understand what I mean.  At least some of you will, and others will chose to remain vigilant in their current mindset, and that is fine, because we have to be tolerant of differing opinions. What we cannot be is militant and belligerent in our attempts to shame others for their opinions and beliefs. For a little more on tolerating other people’s beliefs and opinions, check out the latest Podcast “Perpetually Offended” or search for Derate The Hate wherever you get your podcasts.

Our country was founded by geniuses and fought for by warriors who knew that liberty, above all things, was the most important thing that an individual must strive for in this world. Those geniuses pledged their lives, their fortunes, and their sacred honor for the cause of individual liberty knowing if they did not succeed, not only would they be killed, but the lives of countless numbers of their fellow countrymen would be lost as well. In the forming of this great nation, after the initial dust had settled, those geniuses developed a constitutional republic based on the tenants of Federalism. Explaining that in depth is beyond the scope of this writing, but to sum it up in a few words, our founders understood that the government the governs closest, governs best, and local governments, instead of an all powerful centralized “Federal” government, was the best way to ensure the individual could maintain as much individual liberty as possible.

Fast forward to today. We are no longer governed by geniuses, but in many cases around our country, we are being ruled by power hungry career politicians &/or ideological idiots. I keep hearing people call these bureaucrats “our leaders”, but people seem to have forgotten that these people work for us. They are not to lead us or rule over us. We are not subjects that are beholden to a king or aristocracy, we are supposed to be free individuals that take pride in the liberty that so many have fought and died for. I never thought I’d live to see the day when so many of my fellow countrymen would so willingly surrender their individual liberties.

I know, there is a very scary virus that is killing people. The main stream media is doing their best 24/7 to scare the holy hell out of everyone and shame anyone who dares question their authority. They are doing what they do best and trying to pit Americans against one another instead of working toward any viable solution. Social media is an absolute dumpster fire of misinformation doing the same, when they are not inhibiting opinions and beliefs with which they do not agree and infringing upon the rights of their political adversaries. The virus is very real, and I do not think that is up for debate, and it is scary for the very small percentage of the most vulnerable among us that are in grave danger of dying because of it. What I do believe though is that reasonable people can disagree on the way it is being handled.

I, for one, am a die hard believer in individual liberty. Patrick Henry said it best in his address to the Second Virginia Convention in March of 1775, “Give me liberty, or give me death!”. I believe it is an absolute travesty, and a slap in the face to our founders, what has happened with the state’s responses to this virus, and the willingness of so many to so freely give up their individual liberty. For the first time in our nations history, do we have full statewide lock-downs and quarantines of healthy people. There are, without question areas that needed to be locked down and quarantined, but we are not only a country of diverse people, but a country of diverse states, and within the states there are geographic regions that vary to large degrees in how they are made up. The state in which I live, Minnesota, is hugely diverse, not only in population, but in the geographical differences. Our dimwit governor, who himself is a leftist ideologue, talks a good game in many respects, but acts as if this whole state is one big neighborhood drinking from the same trough. Nothing could be further from the truth! The people in Sabeka, MN have little more in common with the folks in Minneapolis or St Paul than the letters after the comma on the bills they have to pay. Our neighbors to the west in the great state of South Dakota have not had to endure nearly the intrusions upon their liberties as the great people in Minnesota, and they are not nearly as worse for the wear.

This whole thing will be Monday-morning quarterbacked for decades, maybe even generations to come, but I do believe it will go down as one of the biggest overreactions in American history, maybe even human history. I believe in social distancing, and I believe if given guidance and good information that most people will try to do the right thing without having their individual liberties stripped and trampled upon. I remember several weeks ago they were saying “give us 2 weeks to flatten the curve so we can better prepare our healthcare facilities. Thousands will die, (they were saying 22,000 at the time for Minnesota alone), but give us 2 weeks to slow the spread.” That was nearly 8 weeks ago and nothing close to that has come to fruition, (thank God), but the rights of everyone and the livelihoods of so, so many have been completely destroyed. Many power-hungry politicians throughout the country have gotten a taste for extreme control & they have loved it, devoured it and are excited for more.

There is no question heavily populated areas like New York City, Chicago, Detroit and Minneapolis/St Paul have been hit hard, but there is no logical reason on God’s green earth that the people and businesses in out state New York, Michigan, Illinois and Minnesota should have been treated the way they have been for the past couple months. This is not the way the government that governs closest, governs best.  These governors should be ashamed, but they are not. They are drunk on power and they are digging it. People, as free individuals, demand your governor open up the outer parts of your state, coordinate with your counties and local municipalities, have faith that the people of your state can handle themselves and they should not be treated like subjects.

There you have it folks, as I said in the title, Close is Best, Just Keep your Distance!

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