Is the Constitution “Trash”, or are those who are trashing it TRASH?

It’s unfortunate that so many who know so little get the opportunity to say it so loud! Trust me when I tell you, I am in no way a proponent of silencing those of differing mindsets & opinions, (like this guest on ‘The View’ admittedly is), but I just want people to see this for what it is. Never in the history of our country has the Perpetual Victim Mentality been so heavily promoted, and painful ignorance taken as fact. ‘The View’ has long been known for promoting those who hate America, and the nonsense spewed here by Elie Mystal is no exception. My question for you after watching this video clip is this, Is the Constitution “trash”, or are those who are trashing the Constitution TRASH?

One thought on “Is the Constitution “Trash”, or are those who are trashing it TRASH?

  1. I must confess that watching this clip was painful as I listened to the lack of thoughtful (misguided?) comments made by this guest author promoting his book.
    Admitting that the Constitution is a “complex” document was wise on his part, as I had to view his shortsighted statements remembering that he did, at the very least, concede that this discussion is much more complex than his offered “opinion”.
    Thanks for bringing awareness of this author and his blatant disrespect for the Constitution and the hard work done by the Fathers of our Country which has succeeded with much success in it’s Democratic Republic experiment for over 200 years.
    “You don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater”, but, sadly, it appears that this is just exactly what this author is advocating.

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