Life is too Precious not to be Free…

     As I was sitting here tonight writing my latest post on a charity that means the world to many of our wounded veterans, I got a call from my cousin Chad.  We had spoken many times already throughout the day about various things, but as soon as I answered the phone I heard a painContinue reading “Life is too Precious not to be Free…”

A Right vs. A Privilege: What’s the difference?

     It doesn’t seem like you can see or hear a news story today without someone yelling about their rights being violated.  I think the most clear examples are what has been taking place in Wisconsin, Ohio and Indiana, among other states when it comes to collective bargaining “rights” in regard to public employee unions.  This,Continue reading “A Right vs. A Privilege: What’s the difference?”

In Memory of my Departed Father on his would-be 57th Birthday

Today, March 14, 2011, would have been my Dad’s 57th birthday. My gift to him is to write a little about the greatest gift that he ever gave me. He gave me what I feel may be the greatest gift that anyone could receive from a parent, but far too few seem to in thisContinue reading “In Memory of my Departed Father on his would-be 57th Birthday”

What does a Dollar represent to you?

     If you were to think about what a dollar really is, what is it that you would say?  Is it simply a combination of materials such as cotton and paper that you buy stuff with, or is it a promissory note backed by our government that represents something more?  Isn’t a dollar in fact,Continue reading “What does a Dollar represent to you?”

Jesse Jackson Jr., As Crazy & out of touch with reality as his ol’ man…

     Like many people from my generation, we have grown up with wonderful memories of the many crazy soundbites from the “hard to take seriously” Reverend Jesse Jackson.  This goofball has never seen a microphone he didn’t like or a situation he wasn’t tripping over himself to interject his agenda.  But, did you know that his sonContinue reading “Jesse Jackson Jr., As Crazy & out of touch with reality as his ol’ man…”

Ask yourself, “What is the role of Government?”

     As I have been sitting here reading over many of the news stories of the week, and seeing many of the reactions of protesters and consumers over current economic & fiscal matters facing our great nation today, I have to wonder, do people ever just ask themselves, “What it the role of Government?”     Continue reading “Ask yourself, “What is the role of Government?””

Leftist Illinois Atty General doing her damdest to endanger citizens!

     It is times and situations like this of which you are about to read that make me wonder how some people’s stupidity affords them the opportunity to reach adulthood, let alone be elected to public office, but then again, we are talking about Illinois.  The actions of Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan are outrageouslyContinue reading “Leftist Illinois Atty General doing her damdest to endanger citizens!”