Is the Constitution “Trash”, or are those who are trashing it TRASH?

It’s unfortunate that so many who know so little get the opportunity to say it so loud! Trust me when I tell you, I am in no way a proponent of silencing those of differing mindsets & opinions, (like this guest on ‘The View’ admittedly is), but I just want people to see this for what it is. Never in the history of our country has the Perpetual Victim Mentality been so heavily promoted, and painful ignorance taken as fact. ‘The View’ has long been known for promoting those who hate America, and the nonsense spewed here by Elie Mystal is no exception. My question for you after watching this video clip is this, Is the Constitution “trash”, or are those who are trashing the Constitution TRASH?

Another consequence of media’s obsession with Covid Panic Porn…

Many of us warned and have been sounding the alarm since the beginning of this pandemic boondoggle that there were going to be massive consequences to these lock-downs and the media’s constant cycle of panic porn. This NPR story displays just one of so many deleterious consequences of media malfeasance and government ineptitude… You canContinue reading “Another consequence of media’s obsession with Covid Panic Porn…”

Unity through Synergy, not Conformity

Our government is so unbelievably broken that there is almost NEVER a win/win or no deal strategy anymore. The only people that win in our 2 party system at this point are the politicians and their crooked cronies, and the people always get the shaft. The government no longer really works for the people, but politicians work for themselves and their re-elections at the expense of the people. In doing so, they talk past each other, demonize one another for political theater, and cause more problems for government to fix, with of course, more government.

Brother vs. Brother

It was not until recently, in the past 4 years or so, that I became keenly aware of how such horrific things could come to be. I never paid any mind to politics up until the early 2000s, 9/11/2001 to be exact. At that time I still wanted nothing to do with politics and felt like those who paid attention to such things were wasting their time on something they could do nothing about. Even serving in the Navy in the late 90’s and saluting a picture of Bill Clinton neither impressed nor intrigued me, no matter what the headlines were in any paper. He was the boss and I paid no mind to anything that was said or what he was doing, because “it didn’t effect me either way”.

Close is Best, Just Keep Your Distance

Welcome back my friends and thank you for taking the time to read this edition of Wilksopinion! You might be asking yourself, what the hell is this title that contradicts itself? Soon, you will understand what I mean.  At least some of you will, and others will chose to remain vigilant in their current mindset,Continue reading “Close is Best, Just Keep Your Distance”

Surrender your Liberty, because well, it’s for your own good??

  Unless you just came out of a coma in the last couple days, you’ve probably noticed our country is facing something unlike anything it’s ever faced before.  You might think I’m talking about the Covid-19 Coronavirus, and yes, that is partially what I’m writing about today, but what is truly unprecedented is the actionContinue reading “Surrender your Liberty, because well, it’s for your own good??”

Attention Class of 2020, and Parents!! It’ll change your life, I can promise you that!

  I’ve heard a lot of parents with high school seniors lately worried that this “lockdown” due to the Covid-19 coronavirus will ruin their kid’s senior year.  I know that things like hanging out with friends, dances, sports and the like will be severely hampered, but, is that really what high school is all about? Continue reading “Attention Class of 2020, and Parents!! It’ll change your life, I can promise you that!”