A shining example of the Lunacy on the Left: A must see Video!!

For the last 106 years, since the introduction of the Intercollegiate Socialist Society into our colleges, universities and government in 1905, our liberty, individualism, free markets and freedom in general have been under a gradual but constant assault. Many people have taken little notice to this assault until President Obama took office like a bull in a China shop with his socialist agenda.
If you don’t believe that the public sector union protests that are taking place in Wisconsin and other places around our great nation are an assault on individual liberty and freedom, you really have another thing coming. If you don’t believe me, watch this account from one young member of the International Socialist Organization, Rob Lewis & others that are protesting the budget balancing measures that Republicans like Gov. Scott Walker are trying to take to close their 2 year budget deficit of nearly 3.6 billion dollars in their state.
These are the people of the next generation & these “entitlement” types are a great threat to our great nation!! PLEASE WATCH THIS VIDEO!!!!

If you are not seeing this MUST SEE VIDEO, CLICK HERE!!

Herman Cain, a patriot and example of the American Dream

     I was first exposed to the personality of Herman Cain a couple of years ago when he was substitute hosting for another nationally syndicated radio talk host.  I was instantly impressed with his enthusiasm and knowledge when it came to free market principles and conservatism.  Please take the time to check out this true patriot.

     Herman Cain’s Website

I think its time we quit putting food in our gas tanks!!

      As we get closer to spring and the farmers start to get out in the fields, I think we all need to ask ourselves why are we using 40% of America’s corn crop to produce a highly inefficient fuel product?  As many of you may have noticed, food prices are going up at a pretty rapid clip, (corn has more than doubled in price in the last 6 months).  If you think that it is bad here, how would you like to be in an impoverished nation that is dependent upon US crops for the meager food that they can afford.  It may not sound like a big deal, but the damage that “food for fuel” poses is very real.

     If you stop to think at all the different food products that have corn in them, it is no wonder to see food prices of all types going through the roof at our grocery stores.  I think it is absolutely ridiculous that we are using 40% of the nations corn crop for ethanol which only stands to account for 2% of our fuel usage.  And for anyone to think that ethanol is a means by which we can wean ourselves off oil, think again.  Do the math, 40% of corn crop only accounts for 2% of fuel.  The only thing that this is doing is driving up food prices around the world, and of course the impoverished are again taking the biggest hit.

     I decided to listen to NPR for a while the other day, and before my ears started to bleed they were talking to farmers about how great business was.  These morons were discussing the trifecta of goodness that has led to increased crop prices for farmers (overseas crop failure, ethanol mandates & a weakened dollar). Nice huh?  What they failed to mention was the fact that the government, in its infinite wisdom, is simply creating another asset bubble like they did with housing by falsely inflating crop prices with government mandates which falsely inflates land prices, and here we go again…

     As it stands our federal government is looking to spend around $30 billion to oil companies in exchange for blending 69 billion gallons of ethanol with their gas.  Ethanol can not be produced at a price with which it would be in any way competitive in the free market.  Ethanol actually uses more energy to produce per gallon than a gallon of ethanol contains.  Not to mention the overwhelming amount of water that it takes to produce.  It has been said, the net effect of ethanol, is like using 3 gallons of gasoline to produce 4 gallons of ethanol.  This is absolutely ridiculous and makes absolutely no sense!!

     I think it is high time that we make it clear to the politicians that they better get a backbone and get off the subsidy kick for inefficient products that really only serve to hurt the world and our country.

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What does it mean to make a choice?

I often wonder why the cracking of my bones & the holes through the flesh of my body have little effect on me, but the thoughts, actions and sacrifices of those who have proceeded me make me cry…
What does it mean to make a choice? Is it right or left, up or down, chinese food or italian, that guy/girl or the other, etc… Life is about choices and no matter what you want or how you think, there are going to be choices that are & have to be made & for those choices, there will be consequences.
While I can not stand what I do for a living, I choose to go to work every Monday morning because I can not stand the idea of having no money & having to depend on somone other than me… What is the altenative? You must begin to realize that everyting in life is a choice and those choices have pros and cons…
Many people debate the idea of “choice”… Is it based on morals, principles, self interest or self preservation??? I don’t want to get to deep, but the choices that YOU make today are and will result in the consequences that YOU must live with tomorrow…
Do you know what HONOR is, do you know what INTEGRITY means???

Public Sector Unions are an inherent conflict of interest

     With what is taking place in the state of Wisconsin, taxpayers are beginning to take notice of the incredible conflict of interest that are public employee unions.  Many states throughout our nation are facing current budget crises as well as huge future obligations that they simply can not meet without addressing the problem of public employee unions.  I think we can all agree that one of our primary obligations as a nation is the education of our children and future generations and I am certainly not here to attack teachers.  That said, I will be the first to say that I am vehemently opposed to teachers, and any government employees for that matter, unionizing.

     When you are forced by law to fund something, as we are with the public school system, it is absolutely absurd to have “closed shop” union practices taking place.  How can anyone justify the idea that a teacher, in order to follow their dream of educating future generations, must join and pay dues to a union that they may or may not agree with?  That to me doesn’t sound like any type of freedom at all.

     I have no problem with unions in the private sector, because the market will determine for a private business if the union proves to be to the detriment of the business or not.  In the free market system, if union demands become to cumbersome for a business and that business can no longer afford to provide their product or service at a cost that the market will bear, well, the business simply goes out of business or goes bankrupt and must re-structure.  Government, which we are forced by law to fund, on the other hand is a completely different story.  Government is really just a legalized monopoly that we have no choice but to participate in funding.  We can not just say, “I don’t agree with the price or practice so I will take my business elsewhere”.  When a union is introduced into this equation, we now have a serious conflict of interest!

     If we introduced free market principles into our school system, removed big government “one size fits all” control & truly returned power to the parents and local taxpayers, I believe our successful teachers would end up being much better compensated, teachers who don’t pull their weight would be weeded out, our future generations would receive a much better education, and local and state budgets would not be so overwhelmed by unfunded future liabilities!!

     Let me know what you think…

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